Though Ari’s put-downs over the course of Entourage’s past seven seasons have been plentiful and almost equal in hilarity, we can’t think of one more merciless (or satisfying) than his total annihilation of rival agent Josh Weinstein (Joshua LeBar). After his former assistant crosses him by attempting to woo Vince away with the enticing Queens Boulevard script, the incensed star storms the beach party of the “lightweight, pen-stealing fuckface” to put him in his place, resulting in one of the series’ most legendary moments. But merely ripping Weinstein to shreds isn’t enough for Ari—after insulting the agent, his practices, and his clientele, the heat is even turned to the guy’s drink.

That’s awful…ly badass. Though it might've been Ari Gold who ripped him a new one, we all walked a little bit taller that day.