40. The Bar at the Clarendon Hotel

CITY: Phoenix
ADDRESS: 401 West Clarendon Ave.
WEBSITE: theclarendon.net

If you're trying to experience a painted Phoenix sunset, the kind where the horizon seems to melt, you can do no better than the rooftop bar at the Clarendon. We appreciate how well the Clarendon downplays their image; they aren't a resort. This is a pull-up-in-front-and-pop-the-top-on-a-beer-tab-before-your-engine-stops-ticking sort of spot. You'll be down with your first one by the time you hit the roof, where you'll find a full-on party in effect. Think the pool scene in Boogie Nights. It might get a little sleazy, the empties might accumulate around chair legs, and the outfits might contain less and less fabric as the evening escalates. But that's what you want. So many hotel bars play the class card. If the Clarendon was even dealt that card, they tossed it to fill their hand with a couple of Jacks and pictures of ladies in lingerie.