If you've ever wished that you could replace your laptop's operating system with Android, you're in luck. BlueStacks, a California-based company that has developed software that allows users to run Android on their Windows PC, announced that it has secured $7.6 million in Series A funding and is aiming to launch in Q3 of 2011. 

Why would anyone want to run Android—a touch-friendly mobile OS—on their Windows? We're not sure, although in addition to being designed for laptops and notebooks, BlueStacks is also looking to work with OEMs to get in on the tablet market. If used on a Windows tablet, we can see the benefit.The software will give users the ability to use both operating systems without having to buy two different devices. 

BlueStacks runs the Android OS from within Windows as a virtualization; no need for a dual-boot configuration. Still, you can switch back and forth and even share files between the two systems. Even cooler, while running, the virtual Android OS uses all of Windows drivers and utilities, so if you, for some reason, need to print something, it will use the printer drivers already installed in your Windows OS. 

Things get tricky, however, when it comes to apps. The official Android Market store is not supported. If you want to purchase apps you will need to go through the Amazon App Store instead. There's no word on if or when Google will grant BlueStacks access to its Android Market. 

Watch the video above, or head over to the BlueStacks website to learn more. 

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