A little while ago, it was revealed by accident that Android Honeycomb has a music streaming feature when installed (prematurely) on smartphones. Now, a new report from Greg Sandoval at CNET shows that Google's music service, tentatively called "Google Music" is officially being tested amongst Googlers.

The new streaming service is expected to allow users to stream music that they already own on any internet-connected device. Google may also sell songs directly to users in a system that would compete with iTunes. Apple itself is said to be prepping a storage locker system for making your music available in the cloud, but both companies are still working things out with music publishers and the record labels, who figure they should get a slice of the pie.

Hopefully whatever the Googlers are working on comes to fruition. The more people working on a robust system for getting our music into the cloud and accessible anywhere, the better. If all goes according to plan, Google could make an official announcement about its music plans in May, at the company's annual I/O conference.