For a lot of new artists, finding a scene is an important first step. Being a part of a burgeoning creative community can help in so many ways, from networking opportunities to press coverage and creative resources. 18-year-old Vancouver artist EKKSTACY is taking a different route. “This year I want to build my own scene,” he tells us. “I don’t want to be apart of anything that’s currently existing, or is already defined. I’m not there yet, but I’ll be there soon.”

EKKSTACY always wanted to be an artist, but he lacked the confidence to commit to music as a career. After battling issues revolving around drugs, alcohol, and his parents’ divorce, he leaned into music as a coping mechanism. Inspired by acts like Elliott Smith, The Drums, and Bon Iver, EKKSTACY started releasing music in 2020 and hinted at potential with raw, emotionally fueled music. With his new single “i walk this earth all by myself,” he’s taking a leap forward into a more fleshed out sound with elements of indie, post punk, and synth pop.

“It was only recently that I realized what I want to do with music,” he says. “’I walk this earth all by myself’ is the first song of my next phase.”—Jacob Moore

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