Atlanta duo Danger Incorporated, made up of Louie Duffelbags and Boothlord, have been releasing music since 2016. The Awful Records affiliates have already won over their city, and they're poised for bigger things in 2020. “We dropping our hottest sounds yet, hottest videos yet, we gonna be moving around touring, sharing the swag," says Boothlord. "It’s gonna be a fun year for Danger.”

Over the last decade, a lot of left-field music was relegated to the so-called underground, but we're seeing that start to change. Artists who are pushing the boundaries, combining disparate influences, and offering new perspectives are no longer relegated to outskirts of the music industry. Danger Incorporated's dreary, unpredictable, grunge-meets-hip-hop style is perfect for right now, and the guys are ready to take it to a broader audience.

“Boothlord and I have been making music together for nine years," says Louie Duffelbags, "but things are just now really heating up for us. We’ve been working on our next album, Hackers of the World Unite, for the past year and a half and are still songwriting for it everyday. More so than ever before we are getting to step into the studio and collaborate with musicians we really respect and admire, its taking [the album] to a whole other level.”

Hackers of the World Unite doesn't have a set release date yet, but it's coming in 2020.

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