We've been highlighting the gritty storytelling and raw energy of Slowthai since the beginning of 2018, but with his debut album out May 17 and a whole new audience starting to catch on, it feels like a good time to turn the spotlight back onto the rapper. Slowthai is from Northampton in the British Midlands and his music is honest and authentic, never sugar-coating his own struggles or those of an incresing fractured nation, as aptly summarized by the title of his upcoming album Nothing Great About Britain.

"It's basically my experience of growing up [in the UK]; of having a family that were immigrants originally, of the stories they've told me, of my childhood and how I've lived my life," he says. "Through it, I've gone on a journey of explaining how everything I was chasing to make me feel good only clouded my judgement. And it took me going through a ton of shit to realise that none of these things—no money, no drugs, no fake relationships—is gonna make me happy, or make me a good person."

Slowthai's new album is out May 17.

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