At the end of 2018, Dominic Fike became one of the most buzzed about newcomers in music. The young Florida artist released a project of six songs that he called Don't Forget About Me, Demos shortly after signing with Columbia Records, and everything was in place for Dom to become one of the biggest new artists in the country. Instead of jumping on the fast track and chasing overnight stardom, Dom has taken a more steady path.

Rather than releasing more music right away, he's been performing modest concerts around the country, including one No Ceilings show in Brooklyn. He's put out two videos for his biggest song "3 Nights"—one official music video, and the one-take, Kevin Abstract-directed set of visuals below that lives on the Brockhampton YouTube page. It looks like he might also appear on Abstract's upcoming album.

Dominic Fike has made a strong first impression, and he's laying the foundation for longevity. His career so far is exemplary of building momentum the right way, earning fans one at a time and avoiding the kind of overexposure that often leads to a fast comedown. It's been over six months since Dom released his EP of demos, but that initial excitement for a new artist with major potential is still very much in tact.

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