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While Young Dolph has toyed with the idea of putting down the mic, the Memphis rapper isn’t ready to retire just yet. 

During a recent appearance on the Big Facts podcast, Dolph made it clear that he “can’t” retire because he feels an obligation to his supporters. 

“It’s like I’m the spokesperson for all of the street n****s and all of the n****s that’s on some independent sh*t,” Dolph explains in the video up top. “And really come in the game on some sh*t… The n**** that really want to do this sh*t, like, I don’t really wanna tie myself to no major label—do this sh*t on my own. I’ma hustle this sh*t. I’ma grab that.”

Dolph added that he’s specifically making music for the people who believe in doing things their own way. “It’s just like with everything else,” he added. “You got some n**** who don’t really want to take the route that everybody else take… The n**** that be like I’ma do this sh*t like my way. I can’t let those folks down. It’s like I’m they motivator. They be needing that sh*t.”

Earlier this year, Dolph told his fans that he would be quitting music to spend time with his children and family. Yet just a few weeks later, he let it be known that his young son actually wants him to continue his rap career. 

“My son jus told me I can’t be his dad if I stop putting out music,” he wrote on Instagram before confirming that he has more music in the vault. 

Now, Dolph made good on this promise with the release of his joint mixtape with Key Glock, Dum and Dummer 2. Also, Dolph has a compilation album on the horizon for his Paper Route record label called Paper Route Illuminati. This tape will feature standout acts from Dolph’s label like Key Glock, Snupe Bandz, PaperRoute Woo, Big Unc, and more.

Watch Young Dolph’s full appearance on the Big Facts podcast above.