Wiz Khalifa Apologizes to DJs Following Confrontation in Club: 'It Was a Bit Much'

In an appearance on 'The Breakfast Club,' Wiz Khalifa apologized to DJs worldwide following a video of a tense confrontation between him and two club DJs.

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In an appearance on The Breakfast Club, Wiz Khalifa apologized to DJs worldwide following a video of a tense confrontation between him and two club DJs.

"Well, first of all, I want to apologize to all the DJs and the entire DJ community for my behavior," said Wiz right at the top of the interview. "I do realize that it was a bit much and I'm a big enough man to be like, 'Yo, that shouldn't happen. That shouldn't go down. That's not how business gets handled and that's not how you get your point across.’ I apologize sincerely. I didn’t want to piss anybody off.”

Wiz explained that he was booked to appear at the venue on Friday, July 29, the day his album Multiverse dropped. He was set to perform five songs at the club, and even prepared the set prior to his arrival. “When it came time to be my set, the songs that was gave to him on the flash drive… It was just a real issue with the timing,” he continued. He attempted to tell Mikey Danger that things weren’t going as planned, and it only got more “unprofessional” as his set went on.

“Songs were playing in the middle of my songs,” he explained. “It was really frustrating. I got emotional.” He described his behavior as “definitely out of line,” and specifically apologized for knocking the DJ’s hat off his head. “That’s not in my character and that’s not how I handle things,” he said. “That’s not excusable. It’s not defendable in any way, shape, or form.” 

Wiz added that he reached out to one of the DJs, Mikey Danger, in an attempt to apologize to him directly. Unfortunately he has yet to get a response.

In the clip, which went viral over the past week, Wiz sounded off on two DJs after they didn’t play any of his newer material. “Y’all n****s suck," he said in the tense clip. "Play my new shit n***a, play it n***a, play ‘Bad Ass Bitches.’ Y’all are horrible DJs. I came here tonight to promote for y’all and have a good ass time and have a great time, but you know what I’m not gonna do? I'm not gonna sit here and let these hoe ass n***as act like this shit is acceptable. ... My album just came out today, play my new shit, dog."

His comments were met with backlash in the DJ community, with Kid Capri chief among his critics. As TMZ reported, Capri criticized Wiz’s outburst and suggested he might have gotten into a physical fight with him if he acted that way when he was DJing. As explained in the The Breakfast Club interview, Capri was partly responsible for getting the apology sorted. 

See what Wiz had to say on The Breakfast Club above.

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