After taking his boat to Michigan and all through Atlanta, Lil Yachty showcases the duality that makes him one of rap’s superstars for the song, “Asshole.”

“Asshole” is a melodic pop track that is reminiscent of the vibes that made Lil Yachty a household name. This track is boosted by an appearance from alt-rock singer, Oliver Tree, who delivers the chorus. 

Not only is Tree the song’s featured act, but he also directed the music video. For this visual, Yachty welcomes fans into his version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Yet, instead of Everlasting Gobstoppers, Tree attempts to steal one of Yachty’s many chains. This prompted the rapper to retaliate in a way that would stun Willy Wonka. 

Despite creating pop hits, Yachty keeps his ear and pulse close to the streets. This allowed him to forge friendships with some of rap’s most thorough characters like Kodak Black. Prior to Kodak’s pardon by Donald Trump, Lil Yachty was spearheading the campaign to get ‘Yak released from prison.

When Black finally hit road, Yachty decided to bless him with $50,000 for the time he’s been gone. 

Watch Lil Yachty’s video for his new song, “Asshole,” above.