Nineteen-year-old Calgary native Victory is back with her second single, “Gone,” a smooth ballad that has no problem hammering home that self-love is key.

Opening with a melancholy, simmering instrumental, “Gone” builds into a thumping R&B wakeup call warning listeners to not chase after people who leave feelings unreciprocated. The somber track highlights Victory’s silky vocals and her confessional lyricism, showing that she has the range to tap into her emotions and reclaim her independence.

Victory sitting on a ledge
Image via Chelsea Dawn Photography

“’Gone’ is really about realizing the importance and value of your peace and how that can sometimes be affected if you surround yourself with a person/people that don’t care to elevate or add to that peace,” Victory tells Complex.

The single hones in on Victory’s hopes for the future, as she reflects on what serves her over ethereal melodies.