I Can’t Feel My Face might be one of hip-hop’s more infamous lost albums. There are several stories as to why the Lil Wayne and Juelz Santana album never came to fruition, but there is still hope for a Weezy/Santana collab project. 

During a recent interview with Mikey T The Movie Star from Report Card Radio, Dipset’s Un Kasa revealed that Lil Wayne and Juelz have a new album in the works.

“They have a whole new album now,” he said. “I ain’t hear none of it. … They got a whole new album that they supposed to put out together.”

I Can’t Feel My Face fell apart before things could fully come to fruition. Although Kasa hasn’t heard the new project, he told Mikey T that he was around for the recording of the original I Can’t Feel My Face album and the issue wasn’t the creative process. 

“Him and ‘Elz might have did a few songs together in the same studio but pretty much that whole project coming through email,” he recalled. He went on to recount how Wayne would send verses back to Santana in around 30 minutes. “He did a song for Skull Gang the day he went platinum. The day he found out he went platinum in a week, he sent two songs back for Skull Gang that never came out.”

“I think the reason that album didn’t go—it wasn’t because of the artists or Wayne or ‘Elz,” he continued. “I don’t think they could figure out the business of it.”