R&B singer Lou Val is back with his first release of 2021, and instead of treating fans to one new track, he generously dropped two smooth singles.

The contrasting dual singles “Cruel Silence” and “Eternal Sunshine” are worlds apart. With “Cruel Silence,” hazy ambience takes center stage. Val sings to someone letting them know they’re not alone. It’s moody and a little dark, reflecting on the search for life’s meaning.

“Eternal Sunshine” is a bit more on the lovestruck side, as Val asks, “Do you feel the way I’m feeling?” The melody floats and cascades around Val’s soft vocals as he muses about time passing. In many ways it’s a serenade to the uncertainty of romance.

The juxtaposition created by the songs is palpable, and Val uses it to make listeners think about polarity in their lives, which he does in his own.

Lou Val sitting on a chair
Image via Lawrence Cortez

“These two songs represent the balance of my life,” Val tells Complex Canada. “‘Eternal Sunshine’ shows the side of me that gets lost in love and is satisfied with just that. ‘Cruel Silence’ is the side of me that questions the world, myself and my relationships—the more grounded side of me. These singles are a glimpse into my world, my outlook.”

“Eternal Sunshine” was produced by Maneesh Bidaye who has worked with Mark Ronson, Giveon, and Drake. Val has previously received Drizzy’s OVO stamp of approval, as several of his other tracks have been played on OVO Sound Radio.