T.I. and Tiny Harris are being accused of trafficking, drugging, and coercing women into having sex with the couple and close friends. While T.I. is alleged to be a willing participant, some of the women accused Tiny of being the “ringleader” who often recruited and drugged them. In many of the messages Peterson shared on Instagram Stories, the women claimed Tiny coerced them into taking Molly (a stimulant similar to ecstasy) or cocaine and engaging in sexual acts with the couple. Several women recalled the couple taking away their cell phones and refusing to let them leave. In a report by The New York Times, in which five of the alleged victims are profiled, each woman claimed they met the couple at a public venue when they were invited to their hotel room. The women claimed to have ingested a foreign drug and ended up naked in bed with the couple, where they were then assaulted. On April 1, two more women came forward, accusing the couple of drugging, abusing, and sex-trafficking them and others in 2010.