Felicia Moore lost the Atlanta mayoral race to Andre Dickens, and she blamed her loss on the likes of T.I. and Isaac Hayes III, who allegedly spread “lies” about her. In a video posted to his Instagram account, T.I. responded to Moore and reiterated his support for Dickens.

The 15-minute video was shared on Thursday, and features T.I. directly addressing what Moore told TMZ. She said the two “lied” about her, sharing posts that claimed Moore would close all strip-clubs in Atlanta. “I never even discussed strip clubs since the general election,” she said. “They just made up stuff.” The two did, in fact, share the false information, which was sourced from an article that contained multiple falsehoods. In his response, T.I. dismissed her concerns about misinformation and questioned why she suggested he should “stay out of politics.”

“If you’re saying you didn’t really plan to close down the strip clubs, whatever… That’s old news, now,” he said. “You lost sight of one thing; This culture. The creatives in this city, we run this town. … She say that celebrities shouldn’t even be involved with politics. That sounds eerily similar to when people said to LeBron, ‘Shut up and dribble.’ Right? You see it’s that very energy, the tone of that, is the reason why you aren’t fit to sit in the seat of the mayor of Atlanta. You don’t understand, you dig? We run this town.”

T.I. credited “the culture” for bringing tourism and business to the city, which is known for its vibrant music scene and being an entertainment hub. Elsewhere in his response to Moore, the rapper questioned why she said he “should have learned” after he got involved in politics in the past only to take a step back after he was hit with numerous sexual abuse allegations

“Exactly what were fake, false allegations supposed to teach me, ma’am?” he asked. “When y’all lied on me I didn’t call TMZ crying about it. I rode my ride out. I took mine, carried my weight.” He also maintained that one of the women who accused him of such abuse is “very clearly” a supporter of Moore. “If Felicia Moore had nothing to do with it, how would she know about it? … Is she suggesting, ‘Oh, we’re going to do it again.’” 

Watch what T.I. had to say in response to Felicia Moore above.