After teaming up for the collaboration “Wit Dat,” rising Baltimore rapper TheHxliday and Chicago’s own Polo G connect for the song’s music video, which finds them flexing in an abandoned warehouse while surrounded by their crew and luxury cars. TheHxliday also takes a ride through the streets at night, turning up as he performs the track.

At 19 years old, TheHxliday has slowly but steadily been building traction lately, including with his recent track “Opps.” 

“It’s just wild to have Polo G on ‘Wit Dat,’” he explained. “It makes sense though because in this record, I’m talking my shit and I think he heard that and was probably like lemme talk my shit with my boy. Polo G is someone I’ve been watching. It’s amazing to finally see him get to the point where he’s at today because he’s been working so hard. I know I’m gonna get there next.”

TheHxliday also talked about the inspiration for the visuals attached to the song, as he said he wanted it to look like his favorite video game, Grand Theft Auto.

“The inspiration behind the video was my favorite game GTA,” he said. “It has that vibe and fits since we shot it in L.A. The video felt like a whole GTA mission. I appreciate the way Polo pulled up too. He didn’t pull up deep and we got it done pretty fast.”

Watch the Kevin Mares and Dogfood Media-directed video for TheHxliday’s “Wit Dat” featuring Polo G up top and grab the song on streaming here.