Swizz Beatz and Timbaland, co-founders of the Verzuz experience, recently linked up on Instagram Live to reflect on the most recent entry in the battle series’ catalog: the Isley Brothers vs. Earth, Wind & Fire.

At some point during the ensuing discussion, Timbaland said Verzuz is “the new SNL,” prompting Swizz Beatz to offer a playful correction.

“We bigger than that,” he said. “Our numbers beat SNL already. Our numbers is bigger than SNL. That’s not even, like, cap. That’s real talk. It’s already happening.”

Later on, the two prolific producers spoke on how—ultimately—Verzuz is about celebrating artistry.

“It’s not about, like, the best Verzuz,” Swiss said. “It’s about celebrating the creative. So some nights we gon’ have the Super Bowl, some nights we gon’ have the Pro Bowl, some nights we gon’ have the Rose Bowl. But we’re gon’ have a good time.”

Verzuz, though it’s not in the same variety show/sketch comedy lane as SNL, has indeed bagged massive viewership since its March 2020 launch. Back in November, Swiss shared the record-breaking stats for the Gucci Mane and Jeezy battle, stating that “on a minimum level” 9.1 million people watched the showdown.

This March, Swizz Beatz and Timbaland announced that Verzuz had joined the Triller Network ecosystem. The move, the two said in a joint statement to Complex at the time, will enable Verzuz to “continue to grow and evolve the music business as a whole.”