Swizz Beatz won’t tolerate any Alicia Keys slander.

The legendary hip-hop producer took to Twitter on Thursday to defend his wife’s performance on “Diary,” a track off her 2003 album The Diary of Alicia Keys

A Twitter user tweeted about how she thought that Keys “got cooked” on the song by featured artists Tony! Toni! Toné! and Jermaine Paul, each of which sing backup vocals on the track. 

From there, Joe Budden joined the conversation, replying back in agreement, “Lowkey lol.”

It didn’t take long before Swizz came to his wife’s defense, as he called out Budden for questioning Alicia’s greatness.

“King Knock it all the way off!” Swizz wrote. “Let’s not do this! I never get into your zones! Leave my wife out of everything but greatness! Please ……..”

Budden has yet to address Swizz’s response, although the podcast host did delete his tweet out of respect for the hip-hop power couple.

In Budden’s defense, several Twitter users agreed with the initial take, with one writing, “I mean he’s not lying. Her background singer ripped her respectfully.”

Another person pointed out that there’s no shame in getting upstaged by an iconic R&B group such as Tony! Toni! Tone!

“It’s low-key facts, she went hard on the track, Tony Toni Toné is a legend, he kicked up!” they said. “That’s the beauty of music. Everybody so sensitive these days over stupid shit!”