Bubbling Los Angeles rapper, Ketchy The Great, died in a car accident on Monday. 

Ketchy made a name for himself by sprinkling himself across LA’s vibrant underground scene. He’s worked with acts like Shoreline Mafia, 03 Greedo, and more. He also created his own breakout track, “If I Go Broke,” in 2017. Yet, Ketchy is best known as a member of Drakeo The Ruler’s Stinc Team. This prompted Drakeo to take to Instagram Live to confirm his friend’s death and dispel any rumors.

“Don’t make it seem like. … come on bro,” Drakeo said to his fans. “It’s on the news. It’s on the shit. Nigga got hit by a car… You know they finna start, though.”

Like Drakeo, Ketchy was wrapped into the district attorney’s office’s attack against the Stinc Team. In 2018, Ketchy was arrested for spray painting during a video of his single with fellow Stinc Team member, Ralphy The Plug, “The Right Decision.” Because the district attorney labeled the rap group a gang, Ketchy was hit with vandalism with a gang enhancement and witness intimidation with gang enhancement. This resulted in him spending two years and 10 months in prison before being released in August 2020.