Roddy Ricch had a rookie season that rivaled Magic Johnson’s. Yet, instead of being rewarded with a Finals MVP, Roddy’s chart-topping performances were snubbed by the Grammys. Although Roddy is well within his right to be angry at the Recording Academy, Ricch made it clear to Big Boy that he’s not going to let anyone devalue his art. 

On Friday, Ricch sat down with Big Boy to discuss his career thus far. Around the interview’s 16 minute mark, he put his Grammy losses in perspective. 

“I look at it like art class. Like if you tell someone to draw this or they draw something and the teacher look at it and say, ‘Man that’s an F.’ I never got an F in art. You can scribble some shit on a paper and get an A because it’s art,” he explained. “It’s whatever you interpret it as. I ain’t never going to let nobody grade me. I’m always going to look at art like it’s an A+ every time you put it out because it’s art.”

Despite this, Roddy still thinks it’s important to value the award so that future artists don’t feel like their accomplishments don’t matter. In fact, it was this mindset that led to a little friction between himself and Kanye West. Back in 2020, the Jesus Is King artist, who walked away with an award at this year’s Grammy, posted a picture of him peeing in the trophy. This prompted Roddy to chastise him on social media for diminishing the accolade. 

Roddy went on to explain to Big Boy that he still looks up to Kanye, but the antic rubbed him the wrong way. 

“When I seen Kanye piss on the Grammy it kind of rubbed me the wrong way because it’s like now that I’m getting nominated everybody shitting on the accolade,” Ricch said. “It ain’t no disrespect to him. … I want to aspire to be as great as you guy. I’m on my journey. If you retired, then retire. If you in it, kick it.”

Along with clarifying his comments about Kanye, Ricch revealed that he’s been in the lab with Drake and some of their collaborations could make Drizzy’s long-awaited album, Certified Lover Boy.

“I got to call him and see. We got a few in the can and you know he one of them ones. You gotta get in the ring with him and just spar with him,” he said. “Whatever he decide. I ain’t tripping. I know it’s going to be something legendary.”