Toronto rapper and OVO affiliate Riicch has released his debut EP God Don’t Sleep, and with it, a music video for his single “Spur of the Moment,” premiering on Complex today.

The first 30 seconds of the visuals—directed by Dragan Andic and produced by Ivan Albery Powell—feature the contemplative title track from Riicch’s EP, which he dedicated to his late brother and close friend of Drake Anthony “Fif” Soares, who was shot dead in 2017. The pace then picks up as we segue into “Spur of the Moment,” produced by Pitt Tha Kid, who’s known for his work with Young Thug and Lil Wayne. In the video, Riicch walks alone through a dark alley symbolizing the chaos and darkness inside the rapper’s mind. Yet, all throughout, he stands strong and dedicated to making it out of the struggle he’s always known.

“It’s going to be dark trap,” Riicch told Complex Canada of his then-in-progress EP back in January. “That’s pretty much what my feelings have been like since my brother passed away, especially the first six months. You know, there are a lot of things where I feel like a lot of his burdens that he had—people who had pending issues with him, I felt they spilled over to me.”

Stream God Don’t Sleep below.

Riicch’s confident-yet-melancholic flows and melodies are a product of his come up in the rougher parts of Scarborough. He doesn’t shy away from talking about the struggles—and near-death experiences—he faced before and after the passing of Fif. 

He tells us “Spur of the Moment” was recorded on a tough day, during which he decided to channel the bad energy into a freestyle in the studio. Hence, the name of the track.

“Learn to trust the journey, even if you don’t understand it,” says Riicch.

He adds that he has many new projects on the way, and intends to make a name for himself locally and internationally by being unlike anyone else.