Rihanna and ASAP Rocky have been rumored to be dating since last year, and now they’ve reportedly been on a night out with her ex Drake.

E! Online reports that the rumored couple, who have yet to publicly confirm their relationship in any significant way, were spotted attending a party at Delilah in West Hollywood, California over the weekend. The purported couple were seen leaving the venue together in the early hours of Monday (April 12), with sources saying (with a perhaps preposterous amount of detail) that Rocky had a lipstick smudge on his cheek. But Drake, an ex of Rihanna’s and a multi-time musical collaborator with both of them, was the one throwing the party.

“Drake was hosting a huge group of friends in the back room of Delilah last night and invited Rihanna and ASAP,” the insider said. There’s allegedly “no bad blood” between any of the three, and Drake “approves and likes ASAP.” The source added, “They are all really good friends.” Rih and Rocky arrived around midnight and stayed “for several hours into the night.” 

From the sounds of what went down, everyone was generally having a good time. “Rihanna looked happy to be out and was in a great mood," the source continued. "She was chatting with many people and friendly with anyone who approached her. She didn't care to be seen. ASAP was nearby her the entire time, but they weren't overly affectionate.”

Another eyewitness echoed what the insider said and confirmed the two were spotted walking out of Delilah together. Despite this, they did not arrive together. “They seemed happy and were in a good mood,” that particular source said. “It must have been a good night for them because they aren't the PDA type but he was seen walking out with an unmistakable kiss mark on his cheek that matched her red lipstick. They got into the same SUV and took off together."

Shortly after rumors surfaced that the two were an item, multiple outlets reported that they were spotted holding hands in RiRi’s home country of Barbados over the Christmas break.