In a recent video posted on social media, incarcerated rapper Ralo takes some time to thank his friends and colleagues for all their support—and not just of the moral variety.

The clip shows Ralo, legal name Terrell Davis, speaking on a prison phone while expressing gratitude to the Quality Control family. He specifically gives a shout-out to fellow ATL rapper Lil Baby, claiming the My Turn artist had sent him $50,000 while he was behind bars.

Ralo also made the claim in a heartfelt message to his good friend Marlo, another Atlanta rapper who was shot and killed last summer. The letter, which was posted on Instagram, was accompanied by a series of photos of Ralo alongside Marlo and Lil Baby, as well as a still shot from his “Lil Cali and Pakistan” video with the latter.

“Dear Marlo, I love & miss you with every piece of me. I always thought I was going to come home to you, so we can turn up at all the welcome home Ralo parties,” the message read. “Sometimes I think that this jail shit saved my life because with the mindset I had, it only lead to this an death [...] The last time we was all together was at the ‘Lil Cali & Pakistan’ video shoot, that’s why that video mean so much to me.”

He continued: “Lil Baby kept it real he sent me $50k, I spent it all on merch an made $200k. Im still going to take care of them kids when I land, I keep Tammy in my heart.”

Ralo has been behind bars since April 2018, when he was arrested and charged with conspiracy to distribute 100 kilos of marijuana. He entered a guilty plea earlier this year, but hasn’t abandoned his fight for clemency.

Back in September, Ralo thanked his fellow rappers for signing a letter that urged the Biden administration to pardon all non-violent marijuana offenders. The letter was signed by artists like Drake, 2 Chainz, Quavo, and Meek Mill.

“I appreciate my friends and peers in the hip-hop community, especially Drake, supporting my clemency because it’s just not right that corporations are allowed to violate federal law and become millionaires while people like myself go to prison for years,” Ralo said. “This is hypocrisy. I hope that Joe Biden honors his campaign promise and grants us clemency without delay so I can return to my family and community.”