Quavo has one last upbeat record to drop before the summer weather completely comes to an end. Today, he released “Strub Tha Ground,” a fun and twerkable anthem featuring Yung Miami of the City Girls. The track serves as an ode to Freaknik, an annual spring break festival and party that was first launched by HBCUs in Atlanta. 

Quavo and Yung Miami admit that they were no more than five years old when Freaknik ’96 took place, but they have vivid memories of their families coming back with many stories to share. 

“My sister was pregnant with Takeoff when she went to Freaknik,” Quavo tells Complex. 

Some of their listeners might also be too young to remember Freaknik, but the message of the single is simple, Quavo says. “I wanted to say ‘strub the ground’ because that’s what that ass need to be doing when this song come on. You need to scrape—that shit need to strub the ground, like a sponge scrubbing the floor.”

Quavo and Yung Miami agree “Strub Tha Ground” is meant to be a “fun record we wanted to drop before the summer ended.” But they each reveal that they are working on other serious projects at the same time. Though Yung Miami is flying solo on this single, she says that City Girls are working on a new album that will show their versatility. 

Coming off the success of Migos’ Culture III, Quavo says he and the rest of the group are focusing their efforts on their solo careers next. Quavo, Offset, and Takeoff each released their debut solo albums in 2018 and 2019. Now, they’re gearing up for the next round. 

“I feel like us together, we do a lot… I feel like we individually haven’t,” Quavo explains. “I think this the time to really show y’all where we came from individually. Y’all appreciate the group more right now.” 

Quavo and Yung Miami hopped on a call with Complex to discuss the making of “Strub Tha Ground,” what’s next for Quavo’s solo career, City Girls’ album, and more. The interview, lightly edited for clarity, is below.