Plies, also known as Kirk Franklin’s tether, has come forward to defend the gospel choir director after Franklin’s son posted audio of a heated exchange between the two.

“That was not my dawg on that phone, that was me!” the rapper tweeted, before hashtagging: “I take full responsibility for those actions.”

The Florida-born rapper then said he has to put Franklin on an album after his outburst, a collaboration many fans have been waiting on. “He sounded just like me on that phone bih,” Plies said, before hashtagging: “Ain’t none of us perfect.”

In the video Franklin’s son Kerrion posted, the Grammy winner threatened to put his foot in his son’s “skinny motherfucking ass” and he would “break his neck” if he ever disrespected him.

Franklin has since apologized for the drama. “I felt extremely disrespected in that conversation and I lost my temper and I said words that are not appropriate and I am sincerely sorry to all of you. I sincerely apologize,” he said on Twitter.

Fans appreciated Plies self-awareness in the moment: