On her debut EP, Pania is daringly addressing the trials and tribulations of love and heartbreak by meshing together powerful lyrics, afrobeats and classic R&B sounds with confidence and vulnerability. Her seven-track ensemble, burnt ur clothes & changed the addy, communicates the intimacy of two souls moving towards miscommunication and destruction through diaristic melodies and addictive hooks.

Young, unafraid and fiercely self-assured, her persona follows suit from her bold ambitions to achieve bigger and better things. Never too shy to express her conviction, on burnt ur clothes & changed the addy, the West Melbourne musician shows signs of an artist discovering her worth in both a relationship and within the competitive music industry.

Pania in front of an elevator in black
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PANIA’s emotive disposition drives this EP forward, with multiple tracks delving into her experiences with complex partners. Separations are often followed by complexity that’s difficult to navigate, as well as varying degrees of envy and bitterness from one or both parties. What ‘with/without us’ does admirably is confess the confusion of being in love, that in this instance, has ultimately resulted in post-breakup turmoil. She’s self-aware on this song, and lyrics like “I could do some damage if I call you this weekend. Pull up, I told you I miss you, but I can’t be falling again,” reveal the push-and-pull battle in her heart. The constant repetition of “we gon’ be okay, but ima be better, with or without us,” signals the prospective mend of her heart. Moving on is seldom an effortless process, and Pania’s lyricism on this track validates those feelings for us. 

Midway through the project, she begins to express her youthfulness and desire to lead a trouble-free life, letting loose with her words and going heavy on the beats. The track ‘tiki’ is flirtatious and infectious—guaranteed to bring the best version out of everyone, leaving the listener feeling like the baddest in the room. 

Pania in black wearing grills
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Moments of vulnerability are sprinkled throughout ‘Dnt wanna rush’. Pania has paired up with Sydney hip-hop artist I.E. on this one, and the two express their unwillingness to pursue a relationship further due to feelings of uncertainty. The song possesses a soundscape that’s perfect for late-night drives and lonely escapes, with its distinctive high hats and steady tempo. This heady track is a relatable one—capturing the apprehensive thoughts that many people have when it comes to nascent relationships.

“LETHIM4ALL” featuring Unamii is a stark contrast to the previous track, and outlines how bringing pain from the past into one’s present can be toxic. The song serves as a subtle reminder to focus on the healing process and reflect on one’s own behaviours, to save future lovers from potential harm. “I’m sorry baby but your timing just ain’t right. Willing to love you but I’ll leave you with regrets. Tear him apart cause I been living through my past,” is a lyric that admits the harm she’s about to inflict, and is an honest, commendable confession.

Pania in black against a wall
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‘MY CREW’ closes out the EP, ending things on a lighter note. It’s a track dedicated to voicing the love and adoration she has for her friends. Many of Pania’s biggest supporters continue to be her friends, and on ‘MY CREW’ she wholeheartedly celebrates them. It makes for the perfect club anthem, as Pania encourages you to “whine [your] waist” over a slick dancehall-infused beat.

The fluctuation of emotions as they exist in Pania’s past, present and future are seamlessly curated within the seven tracks on this EP. It’s a project that boldly delves into the multifaceted matters of the heart, and nudges the audience to deepen their interpretation and understanding of the work after each listen. Highly soul-stirring and introspective, burnt ur clothes & changed the addy connects listeners to that which is fundamentally human and exists in us all.