OG Compass has released a new track, “Don’t Wake Me Up,” featuring fellow Toronto rapper Why G.

It’s the second single from the artist’s debut EP, REIGN, which dropped earlier this year.

The accompanying video, directed by Peter of Phasefourproductions and produced by Ivan Albery Powell, gives a look inside the rappers’ dreams, depicting a surreal world wherein phosphorescent women gyrate atop cars. OG’s goal for the visuals was to show another side of him and a lifestyle trip others never knew existed, showing he enjoys the finer things in life. 

The track is one of his most upbeat and uplifting songs to date—the guitar echoes as percussive production ramps up along with OG’s expansive and engaging sing-rapping. The artist is not afraid to be different; his positive mindset and potent sense of melody make him a standout. Why G’s gritty, boastful bars provide a nice contrast to Compass’ soulful, canorous singing.

“I have an optimistic outlook and appreciation on life, which makes my EP, REIGN, something new and empowering,” Compass tells Complex.

Watch OG Compass’ “Don’t Wake Me Up” video, featuring Why G, above.