Through talent and affirmations, Migos have become the centerpiece of the culture. To Offset, this is more than just creating flow patterns and turning themselves into household names. 

During a recent interview with Billboard, Offset spoke about being a pillar in his community and voting for the first time as a convicted felon. Biden’s victory in Georgia was the most surprising red state flip to blue in the 2020 presidential election. It meant a lot for Democrats and Offset feels like he helped contribute to the historic flip.

“With voting, I just never felt like I was a part of that. I was young, too. I’m just a grown man now, and I understand the importance and we can only change things by voting,” he explained. “When I went to Gwinnett [County], I know I helped Biden win on that. I don’t want to name him in the thing, but it’s the facts. Gwinnett County was in the red at first, and then when I did that, it went to blue. It’s the first time Georgia did that in like 10 or 20 years. Contributing to that, I felt the power, and it was just the right thing to do.”

Shifting outlooks and environments isn’t new to Offset. As a member of the Migos, Offset, Takeoff, and Quavo created a style of rapping that is still being used and modified to this day. Although some recognize them as pioneers, legendary producer, David Banner, doesn’t feel like they get enough credit. 

“Yeah bro. It’s a fact. If you go back in time and listen to music prior to 2013, the cadence and the flow didn’t matter. It was more about the bars and what you’re saying,” Offset told Billboard when asked about Banner’s comments. “Now, people get away with not saying nothing as long as the cadence and flow are good, and I feel like we created that. We did. I remember when Quavo was most influential in 2013. It just don’t be no respect given but that’s how my generation is anyway. A lot of kids don’t know about 2Pac and don’t respect it. It just be blowing my mind. I just take it as, you gotta keep proving to people who you are. And that’s okay with me, because that’s been my life story.”

It’s this type of disrespect that forces the Migos to constantly remind their fans that they are “The Culture.” The latest addition to their aptly titled album series will drop on Friday and it’s something Offset thinks will satisfy their core fans as well as show their growth. 

“This is three years of creativity and sitting back, because we felt like the fans deserved that. We didn’t want to make nobody upset, but our main thing was creating the best project we ever created,” he said. “We gotta top Culture and Culture II and that’s not even about first-week sales. A lot of people get lost in that but it’s about the creativity and the records and what they mean when you talk to me.”

You can read the full interview here.