With all that’s consistently going deeply and unsettlingly wrong in the world at the moment, it’s still pretty confounding that swollen testes have maintained such a grip on the news cycle in recent days.

This, of course, all began with Nicki Minaj’s comments about not yet being vaccinated. Across a number of tweets earlier this week amid Met Gala coverage, Minaj said “if” she gets vaccinated “it won’t [be] for the Met.” In another tweet, Minaj referenced the allegedly swollen testicles of her cousin’s friend. 

By Tuesday night, the late-night circuit—namely, Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel—had joined in on the reactions to Minaj’s comments. And by Wednesday afternoon, the Trinidad and Tobago Minister of Health had issued a response to the testicles claim, noting that “so much time” had been wasted in confirming its falseness.

For Colbert, the testicles comment presented an opportunity to parody the 2011 Minaj track “Super Bass” with a lyrically testicular take dubbed “Super Balls.” Kimmel, meanwhile, told his audience that he would “really like to talk to” the purported swollen testicle possessor.