Birmingham rappers Mowgs and Mist have linked up for their new single, “Swerve Off”, produced by fellow Brummie Swifta Beater.

With concussive rhymes and no-nonsense flows, both Mowgs and Mist bring their A-game to “Swerve Off” over Swifta Beater’s eerie, street stomper of a beat. Lyrically, the track sees the two rappers toast to their lavish lifestyles—“big bezel” watches to boot—and reflect about their former years on the roads.

For the visuals, Mowgs and Mist called on Leon Matthews to direct. Although set in the dead of night, the video gleams with scale-breaking chains, blacked-out ballys and a candy-apple green Lamborghini for good measure.

A link-up like this from two of Birmingham’s biggest rappers has been a long time coming. On “Swerve Off”, Mowgs and Mist prove that London isn’t the only place for top-tier spitters.

Peep the viduals above and be sure to add “Swerve Off” to your playlists.