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6ix9ine’s regard for human life looks pretty low given that he put several people in prison for years, allegedly orchestrated hits, and continually disrespects dead rappers. Sara Molina, the mother of his child, believes this dance with the devil could end badly for his family. 

Molina told TMZ on Tuesday that she thinks 6ix9ine’s antics have put her and her daughter in danger. Unlike the rapper, Molina and their 5-year-old daughter Saraiyah can’t afford around-the-clock armed security. As a result, she feels exposed and like a potential target for some of Tekashi’s enemies. 

She explained that she doesn’t want anything from her ex, but since he hasn’t made attempts to be in his daughter’s life, he is unaware of the danger he’s putting her in. She’s urging 6ix9ine to think about his child’s safety before provoking violence. 

Instead of taking her concerns seriously, 6ix9ine fired back at Molina through his lawyer Lance Lazzaro, who told TMZ Molina is spewing “BS” and that the rapper is trolling other artists for a “reason.” He also says 6ix9ine has everything under control and is as “sharp as can be.”

Recently, Tekashi returned to the type of antics that previously resulted in him to become a federal informant. He got into a parking lot altercation with Meek Mill that went viral, and went on Instagram Live where he trolled late artists Pop Smoke and King Von. The latter sparked Chicago’s Lil Reese and 600Breezy to tap into 69’s Live session to warn him about his antics.