It seems as if Elon Musk may have found out Miley Cyrus’ biggest secret. 

The Tesla mastermind aired out her personal info on Twitter Monday, weeks after the two took on the host-performer roles on Saturday Night Live, and understandably (and jokingly), Miley wasn’t all that thrilled. 

“Hannah Montana is actually Miley Cyrus,” the post read. It’s now earned 350,000 likes, too, so looks like the secret is out. In response, Miley decided to be a bit playful, while also standing her group on her fake identity. 

“What the fuck [Elon Musk] ?!?! I told you that in confidence,” she wrote Monday shortly after Musk fired off the revelation. “You can build a rocket but can’t keep a damn secret?!?!”

The internet back-and-forth comes a month after Miley and Elon took over the SNL stage in New York, which led to some Dogecoin issues, revelations that Musk has Asperger syndrome, sketches involving Wario (and Grimes), and a general increase in ratings. If you missed the episode, you can check out our recap here