Method Man wants you to stop Photoshopping his face. 

The Wu-Tang Clan MC took to Twitter on Friday to call out a user who digitally shaved off the rapper’s facial hair, claimed that Method Man did it himself, and asked his followers if “y’all ladies still choosing.” Method Man caught wind of the post relatively quickly. 

“This is suckashit,” he wrote. “u still hv time to delete it… Love and light my brother.”

Method Man didn’t leave his response at just that either. The rapper and actor also tracked down the original photo that the user Photoshopped, and posted it as a side-by-side comparison with a message to his fanbase. 

“U know what’s funny,” he wrote. “A 50 yr old man got y’all in ur feelings so bad . U gotta resort to this.. all I send in return is love n light! #whoraisedthesenegroes.”

He then cosigned a take from another Twitter user, who wrote that “men are weird,” given that the user “saw women thirsting over method man and got in your feelings and started editing pics.”

Outside of making his still-thriving beard known on Twitter, Method Man has also been sharing some new material lately. In late January, he premiered the visual for “The Last Two Minutes” with Complex. The track is a follow-up to “2 Minutes of Your Time” and “Another 2 Minutes,” off his respective Meth Lab 1 and Meth Lab 2: The Lithium projects, as he uses his latest bars to promote the third installment of the Meth Lab series. 

“The song wasn’t our first pick,” Method Man reveals exclusively to Complex. “We were going with another song off the album and we had a ‘COVID situation’ and we had to come up with a treatment in like two days for the record. However the song ‘The Last 2 Minutes’ is a continuation of ‘Another 2 Minutes,’ off of the Meth Lab 2 album and ‘2 Minutes of Your Time,’ off of the Meth Lab 1. We just had fun with this one and made the best of our situation at the time.”