Since the inception of No Limit, Master P's plan has been to gain autonomy for himself and people that look like him. Yet, his message is often lost in translation forcing him to reiterate the importance of Black ownership

On Sunday, Master P shared his thoughts on Clubhouse and its growing worth.

"I keep telling people, we go on Clubhouse, we making another one of them a billionaire," P said in the video. "We just did it! Just for Clubhouse. We need to create stuff like that to where we control the narrative and we’re able to put the money back in our community and our culture."

Venture capital firms have recently valued popular audio drop-in app at $1 billion on Friday. Currently, Clubhouse is still an invite-only platform available to iPhone users. Yet, it has flourished due to frequent engagement from popular figures like Meek Mill, 21 Savage, and other people within Black culture. To Master P, Clubhouse is another example of how companies profit off of Black culture only to give the community the short-end of the stick. 

"We all went to Clubhouse and blew this up. You know this guy went to the bank, got whatever he want. He’s gonna take that company public," P said after urging Black entertainers and fans to put this energy into themselves. "We’re not thinking like that. The only way we gon’ be successful is taking these companies public. That’s the way you build wealth. We create so much wealth for them."

Clubhouse might not be a Black-owned app, but there is a similar version of the concept called The Cookout. Like Clubhouse, this app is still in its beta version and is invite-only.