Clubhouse may easily be the next major social media app. Founded in March 2020, the invite-only (for now), audio-based app allows users to enter themed or private chat rooms that can be populated by 5,000 maximum users at any given time. Users choose a room to enter, and immediately are brought into a conversation that’s happening between a chosen amount of people “on stage” while members of the “audience” listen. To keep it simple, think of it as a large conference call. Users can also invite friends to join the iPhone-only platform. In the few months since the app’s release, Clubhouse has already garnered multiple interactions from rappers and producers alike. For the first time, celebrities who were formally out of reach are now a click away, live in real-time.

Following his unforgettable Verzuz battle with Young Jeezy, Gucci Mane popped into a massive Clubhouse chat, with commentary spilling into Twitter. Lupe Fiasco maintains a strong presence on the app, while you may find Joe Budden slip into a chat or two. Make no mistake, some celebrity interactions are subject to question. Most notably, Meek Mill engaged in a heated argument on Clubhouse just before the new year. The rapper was contributing to a conversation about why Black men don’t uplift and support other Black men, when another user seemingly disagreed with his comments. This resulted in a two-hour tirade against the speaker. 

Users will also find Clubhouse beat battles, some of which have been hosted and attended by Boi-1da, Vinylz, Metro Boomin’, and Sevn Thomas, among others. Up-and-coming hip-hop producer Loudy Luna played her music in a room full of the biggest names in rap. Rappers Drake and 21 Savage listened in, while A-list producers gave their feedback in real time. 

Reviews on the buzzing new app have been somewhat of a mixed bag. Clubhouse has the potential to be an engaging, live space where anyone can share interests, gain good advice, and meet up-and-coming talent - so long as trolls don’t enter the room.

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