Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department detectives with the Special Victims Unit served a search warrant at Marilyn Manson’s home in West Hollywood on Monday morning, TMZ reports. The search took place over the sexual abuse allegations that have been made against the singer. 

Manson, real name Brian Warner, was not home when the location was served with the search warrant. According to the outlet, police seized media storage devices such as hard drives from Manson’s home to aid in their investigation into claims that the 52-years-old singer sexually abused women. Los Angeles County sheriff’s Deputy Eva Jimenez confirmed to ABC News that Manson’s home was searched but didn’t offer details.

Manson has been accused of abuse by actresses Evan Rachel Wood and Esme Bianco. Several other women have also come forward with allegations against the singer. In April, Bianco sued Manson for sexual assault and battery. Manson’s former manager Tony Ciulla was also named in the lawsuit.

“For far too long my abuser has been left unchecked, enabled by money, fame and an industry that turned a blind eye,” Bianco wrote in a statement that was posted to social media earlier this year, which you can read in full below. “Despite the numerous brave women who have spoken out against Marilyn Manson, countless survivors remain silenced, and some of their voices will never be heard. My hope is that by raising mine I will help to stop Brian Warner from shattering any more lives and empower other victims to seek their own small measure of justice.”