The estate of Mac Miller denounced Friday an upcoming book about the rapper’s life, titled Most Dope: The Extraordinary Life of Mac Miller, which recently was made available for pre-order. 

Miller’s estate took to Instagram to tell fans that Most Dope was not “authorized or endorsed by Malcom’s family.”

“It has come to the attention of the family and friends of Mac Miller that a new book called Most Dope: The Extraordinary Life of Mac Miller by Paul Cantor has recently been made available for pre-order,” the family wrote in a statement. “This book is not authorized or endorsed by Malcom’s family and has been written by a writer who had no meaningful access to those that were closest to Malcom—friends, family and collaborators etc.”

“In fact, the writer of this book was made aware at the outset of the process of writing this book that the family and friends of Malcom were uncomfortable with him authoring this biography,” the family continued. “Yet he chose to proceed against our polite insistence that he not do disservice to Malcom’s legacy through writing a book without legitimate primary sources.” 

The announcement comes just two weeks after Miller’s estate officially announced a new book celebrating the late rapper’s life, titled The Book of Mac: Remembering Mac Miller, written by Donna-Claire Chesman in tandem with some of Miller’s closest friends and collaborators, including his Most Dope Family in Pittsburgh, ThundercatSyd, Big Jerm, Rex Arrow, Wiz Khalifa, Benjy Grinberg, Just Blaze, Josh Berg, and more.

In Friday’s Instagram statement, Miller’s estate maintained that The Book of Mac is the only biography celebrating the late rapper’s life that has the support of the estate, while raising the concern that fans will confuse Most Dope with the former. 

“We cannot help but feel the timing of it [Most Dope] being made available for pre-order is meant to capitalize on the interest in Donna-Claire Chesman’s recently-announced The Book of Mac with the expectation that people will confuse this book for Donna’s, which does have the support of the estate and includes extensive interviews with the people whom Malcom held dear,” the family wrote.

Miller’s estate ended the statement by urging fans “who wish to support Malcom and his legacy” to “abstain from purchasing this new book.”