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Redman continues to prove why he’s hip-hop’s favorite secret weapon with the release of his latest single, “80 Barz,” on Friday

As the name suggests, Funk Doctor Spock rips through an instrumental with non-stop bars for over three minutes.

“I’m the red button don’t press me/And I’m a fucked up dad the way I dead beats,” Redman spits. “Back and forth with the blunt getting Aaliyah high/My block push the weight until it’s legalized.”

“80 Barz” comes ahead of Redman’s highly anticipated Verzuz battle with his group member and close friend, Method Man. And it’s only right that the “How High” composers kiss the sky together by having a special edition 4/20 Verzuz battle.

“80 Barz” also warms fans up for Redman’s upcoming studio album, Muddy Waters 2. The Newark native has been teasing Muddy Waters 2 for a while, making fans anxious to hear the sequel to his 1996 classic album. He will release this album through his partnership with RIV MUSIC. 

“Collaborating with RIV MUSIC doesn’t feel like a partnership. It’s definitely a family at this point. I can appreciate that they understand hip hop, the authenticity of it, quality control, and most importantly that they are fans of it,” Redman explained. “They know their stuff and it felt right jumping back with not just this track that I’ve briefly been sitting on, but Muddy Waters 2 as well.”

Listen to Redman’s latest single, “80 Barz” above.