Lil Yachty has revealed the story of how his viral track “Poland” came together.

In an appearance in a reaction video to the Cole Bennett-directed music video with the YouTube channel ZIAS!, the Georgia rapper revealed what inspired the catchy hook.

“I’ma tell y’all the truth. I was in the studio, right, working on my new album,” Yachty said, as seen around the 4:30 point of the video above. “And I was actually just trolling. My mans was just drinking a Poland Springs water bottle.”

The hosts interjected, “And that’s how it happened?”

The 25-year-old replied with a smile, “Yeah, I mean obviously I had some wock, but he had a Poland Springs water bottle.” He also explained that he never really even finished the song, but decided to put it out anyway to capitalize on its building virality. 

“I was like, ‘Damn.’ And the song was a joke! I was just trolling,” he continued. “It leaked, and that’s why I was like, technically it’s not finished. It’s just a verse. I never finished the song, but it went crazy. So I was like, ‘Shit, I might as well put it out.’” He also conceded that he doesn’t agree with the idea of “holding out” a song after a leak spreads on the internet, which is a common practice among many artists.

During the reaction video, Lil Yachty was also asked if he actually snuck the wock into Poland, as he raps on the song.

“Nah, but now I got to,” he said.