UPDATED 8/08, 3:40 p.m. ET: In the same week Lil Durk shared that he’d no longer be mentioning late rappers in his songs, the family of former rival FBG Duck put on a memorial on the anniversary of his death in Chicago. 

The rapper, who was shot and killed last August, was remembered by family and friends this weekend on FBG Duck Day, in the exact spot he was killed.

“It’s been a hard year, it’s been a long year,” Duck’s mother said at the event. “We’ve accomplished so much within a year of my son’s presence not being here… I really want better for our children, our race, our culture.”

Pictures of the event show several supporters and loved ones celebrating the late “Slide” MC with posters, balloons and more. 

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Lil Durk took to Twitter on Thursday to proclaim once again that he won’t be “mentioning the dead in my songs no more or performing songs with they name in it.”

He followed the sentiment with a couple other tweets, writing, “Von left us Dthang left us and I was lost.”

“Why every time somebody die they love you but when you here they don’t care……love me now not later,” he said in another tweet.

Durkio has made the same proclamation before, when he dropped the King Von-featuring The Voice album cut “Still Trappin’”  back in January. “I’m done name dropping the dead after my deluxe….in songs only tho,” he said on Twitter.

Durk appeared to have made his decision as a way to honor the dead in an appropriate way. It’s unclear, though, why he’s doubled down on the statement this time around.

While his career has skyrocketed over the past year, Durk has also endured a lot of loss with the deaths of his brother Dthang in June 2021 and Von last November. Still, those losses didn’t stop Durkio from recently speaking ill of others who have passed away, including FBG Duck, who died last August. 

In December, Durk teased some music that appeared to take shots at his rival FBG. “I told my PO thru the gate that I get high as fuck,” Durk rapped. “She ask me how high do I get, I told her high as Duck.”

When the late rapper’s mother caught wind of Durk’s comments, she fired back at him. “Well, he better take that shit with who made [King Von] gone, not my motherfucking son,” Duck’s mom said. “‘Cause he ain’t do it. Remember they had a song together? Remember they hashed they differences? Motherfuckers steady wanna for the industry, this is proof! Y’all really showing y’all rich off mentioning my motherfucking son! Y’all rich off mentioning Tooka, show your craft! Do something else besides dissing music!”