Continuing his streak of philanthropy right on time for students who are heading back to school, Lil Baby donated several bikes to kids in Atlanta.

Several videos have been circulating today of kids in the Atlanta area gathered in a park as Lil Baby has left multiple bikes lined up for them. In the back of one video, you can see Baby’s Ferrari parked on the grass.

It also appears that Baby refurbished a basketball court for the kids as well, in collaboration with Foot Locker. 

This isn’t the first time Lil Baby has blessed his Atlanta community. Earlier this month, the rapper hosted a back-to-school drive where he gave away laptops, school supplies, and new clothes to kids in the area. He also offered merch from his Four The People Foundation at the event to the people who attended.

Lil Baby has been known to go back into his community and help those in need, and this is just the latest example of that. “At This Point It’s About The Kids ! #generationalwealth,” he wrote in the caption of his post for the back-to-school event.