UPDATED 3/14, 10:30 p.m. ET: Cudi is back with even more hype about his future work.

The rapper/actor/soon-to-be-author took to Twitter on Tuesday to tease his memoir, sharing some details in a voice note.

“I talk about a lot of shit [in this book] that y’all have no idea—stuff that you’ve never heard about. You know, my upbringing, how I got started with music and even how I got interested in acting,” the Cleveland native shared. “This book is gonna be something I hope inspires people, anybody that has a dream that wants to do anything, especially those kids in those small towns somewhere in the United States or anywhere outside in the world, in another country, that just wants to do something great with their lives. I feel like this book is gonna give you that push that you need.”

In another tweet, which included an exchange with a fan, Cudder said, “Yes, I am recording my own audio book! U will hear my story in my voice.”

He added, “Def doin a book tour and signing copies for y’all.” 

UPDATED 3/9, 12:10 a.m. ET: Cudi’s belief in his next project is only growing stronger.

The 39-year-old hit Instagram Live on Wednesday night to issue a warning (of excellence), a promise (album of the year), and a release date for the first single (June 1).

“I need y’all to understand, motherfuckers are not prepared for this shit. Like, this is—I’ve never made a project this powerful before in my life,” he said. “Sitting, listening to these mixes, I just know that this shit is going to move you, y’all are going to fuck with this shit in such a major way, and I am so fucking excited.”

Cudi on instagram live on weds march 8
Image via Instagram

Cudder continued, “I just wanted to get on here and just let y’all know that I’m not gon’ let y’all down. This is gon’ be the album of the year, right now, I’m not playing, this is not a fucking joke. … I’m back. I know y’all thought it was over, but I’m just getting warm in this bitch.”

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Kid Cudi is gearing up for what he’s calling a “new chapter.”

The Cleveland artist hopped on Twitter early Monday to tease the next phase in his career, as Cudi revealed he plans to drop new singles this summer, followed by his next full-length offering in the autumn.

“Album this Fall. First singles this summer,” Cudi wrote. “The new chapter has begun…Ur not prepared man. We’ve reached a new level.”

In a subsequent tweet, Cudi confirmed he plans on hitting the road for a global run in 2024.

“World tour next year. Count on it,” he tweeted.

It isn’t the first time Cudi has teased new music in the past few months. Back in December, he hopped on social media to inform his followers that he recorded six new songs in three days. Shortly later, he updated fans on his creative spurt, which had evolved into an album worth of material. 

“11 songs in 5 days,” Cudi wrote. “My goal was to do a whole new album worth of songs this week. 12 was my goal. Might get to 14.”