Kash Doll has opened up about her short-lived career as a dancer at a strip club, and claimed that she once was one of the highest paid dancers in Michigan.

In an interview with Jalen Rose for his Renaissance Man podcast, Kash said that she had decided to give erotic dancing a go after her car was stolen, her house caught on fire, and she had to move in with her mom. “I tried it my first day… I was shitting bricks,” she said of the experience, admitting that she was very “nervous” at first. Despite her concerns, she ultimately made a respectable $700 during her first shift. “I’m like, ‘Shit… This is what I make in two weeks at Best Buy,’” she added.

Comparing the job dancing to working in retail at Best Buy, she said she went from getting $500 every two weeks to $700 in a handful of hours. “I said, ‘Oh, I’m about to stack this money up.’ I made $26,000 in one night," she revealed. “I just got so popular to the point that I was on flyers every week and I didn’t dance on the floor like the regular dancers. ... I was like the highest paid dancer in Michigan. And it’s been that way for a long time and nobody really did it again.”

Despite her time working in the Detroit strip club, she said, “I never took my bra off.”  She also said that she made 250,000 in one year from dancing. 

Her interview comes not long after she revealed that she’s seven months pregnant with the child of rapper Tracy T. Discussing her pregnancy, she said she hasn’t decided on a name yet. “I have a few names that I’m just thinking, you know, but I don’t know exactly what I’m having. It’s baby Kash right now,” she told Jalen Rose.