Most hip-hop fans know that there wouldn’t be the Lil Wayne we know and love today without Dipset. Although Weezy has close ties to The Diplomats, there was a moment with Jim Jones wanted to come to blows with Tunechi. 

During an appearance on the Joe Budden Podcast, Jones recalls working with the late Stack Bundles. Jones went on to explain the origins behind the chorus of “Weather Man” featuring Bundles and Lil Wayne. To Capo, the chorus is a little too similar to the one Wayne gave Fat Joe for the hit single, “Make It Rain.”

“I wanted to fuck Weezy up over that record, man. But Weezy’s my brother, you know I love him to death. But Weezy did some wacky shit when it came to that record,” Jones said at the interview’s 2:53:00 mark. “Remember he had a record with Fat Joe called ‘Make It Rain On ‘Em’? That was our hook. Now go listen to that record, and then pull up ‘Weather Man.’”



Jones detailed seeing Wayne in the club after “Make It Rain” took off with the purpose of handling things physically. Wayne blamed the coincidence on the amount of drugs he consumes, but this didn’t soothe Jones. Luckily for Weezy, Juelz Santana was present and served as the common denominator and prevented things from getting out of hand. 

“I was ready to take it to the next level and Juelz really—I’ll never forget it. It was the MTV Awards show. … We was in the China Club when I seen him,” Jones continued. “And the homies just finished throwing somebody off the balcony in that bitch. I’ll never forget that day. Right in front of Weezy.”

Fortunately, things didn’t escalate and their relationship remained intact. Also, Jim Jones has been able to monetize his weatherman persona by creating the Drip Report for REVOLT. 

Watch Jim Jones’s full comments on Lil Wayne above.