Uptown, New York City specifically was hit hard by the passing of Black Rob and DMX. As one of Harlem’s ambassadors, Jim Jones explained to Power 106’s DJ Carisma what it meant to himself and his community to lose these talents. 

Jim Jones detailed to Carisma that Harlem—specifically East Harlem—is a tight-knit community. Instead of having six degrees of separation, Jones describes Harlem as having only three. As a result, he recalled growing up just blocks from Black Rob in Harlem and feels like his death only adds to the grief he has for DMX. 

“It was a double hurt. Especially being from Harlem and Black Rob being a few avenues up the street from me,” he said around the interview’s 6-minute mark. “Black Rob came on and put on for the whole Eastside—for everybody from Harlem starting with that ‘Whoa.’ … And I know that he helped Bad Boy gain some of the success they had through some of the records he put out. … It’s dope that [Black Rob] has left a legacy that no one can erase. And coming from Harlem, that’s real special.” 

DMX was proud to be from Yonkers. But his Ruff Ryders record label called Harlem and the Bronx their home base. So by default, the Dark Man X was part of the “degrees of separation” that Jim Jones referenced when speaking about Black Rob. In addition to this, DMX and Jones’s good friend/Dipset founder, Cam’Ron, were both generating their initial buzz at the same time. That Uptown proximity led to Cam and X doing songs together as well as going on a tour with Jones.

“Those losses are tremendous for New York. It definitely hit us hard to lose DMX who had done so much for the culture. I’ve had relationships with both of them, from me being able to go on tour with DMX in the late 90s,” Jones said. “Him and [Cam’ron] were both popping. I got to see how special he was just in the beginning of everybody’s career. … Just being next to him on stage every night, that man was special.”

Along with contextualizing the pain Harlem and New York felt after losing Black Rob and DMX, Jones touched on the importance of cryptocurrency. Jim Jones has his own Capo Coin cryptocurrency and he’s urging others to jump into the crypto sphere because it will only make things better. 

“Now is the perfect time for everyone to get involved with crypto,” Jones said. “The more people that get involved, the more money there is to be made.”

Watch Jim Jones’s full comments above.