With knowledge comes power. As a result, Jim Jones is trying to teach fellow independent acts how to monetize their art. 

There has always been an urge for artists to want to own their masters. As an indie artist, it’s easier to own your art, but Jones took to Instagram last week to ask them if they fully understand the concept.

“It’s a plus to own your masters,” Jones said in a video. “My question is. … Do you even know what to do with your masters after you own them? Do you know how to cash in on your masters? Or do you ‘own your masters’ like you own a chain? Get back to me when you know what a master even is.”

Jim Jones has been tied to both major labels and has had success as an indie artist. He’s also held executive positions within record companies. In the video’s caption, Jones explained that he wants to teach independent rappers how to capitalize on their work and teach them the power of owning their masters. 

“Most of th independent tht own they masters don’t even have a clue wht really a master is or wht it means or even how to cash in on ur masters I here a lot of artist mentioning this as if it’s bragging rights,” he wrote. “First off industry is compiled wit way more Indy artist thn major artist So tht means there r plenty of artist who own there own masters n don’t realize it Th only reason u know u own ur masters Is because u did a deal wit a company who told u tht u get to keep ur masters but didn’t tell u how to benefit from ur masters.”

The Dipset member went on to pose a potential master class that teaches younger acts how to navigate the industry and make money from the things they create. 

“We need to have a Masters Class cause most of yal are still Slaves to th Rhythm,” he added.

Jones has offered critiques of the music industry in the past. During a recent interview with the Breakfast Club, the rapper criticized New York City music executives for not looking for talent in their own hometown. He also blasted radio programmers for failing to understand what’s happening at the street-level.