Jack Harlow can rap. He silenced any questions otherwise with his last studio album release, Thats What They All Say, but it looks like the Louisville wonder kid is getting some major attention from bars he delivered when he was just a young boy.

“Still some of the realest shit I ever wrote” Harlow tweeted, sharing a video of himself and his friends when they were kids rapping over a surprisingly hard beat. However, what got social media buzzing was when Kendrick Lamar briefly returned from his social media hiatus to like Harlow’s tweet. It was the first liked tweet from K. Dot in two years.

Not only that, but Harlow’s adolescent bars also caught the attention of the 6ix God, with Drake commenting “hardddddd” under a repost of Harlow’s video. How does one respond to two of the biggest rappers in the world reacting to a video of yourself rapping as a kid? With more humor, of course. Harlow took to his Instagram story to jokingly write, “so this is what it takes for the great ones to recognize my work?”

What better reason for Kendrick to subtly tap back into social media than by-way-of-Jack-Harlow-memes, right?