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J Balvin’s girlfriend, model Valentina Ferrer, is pregnant with their first child together.

The couple confirmed the news to Vogue Mexico in a new photoshoot and interview with the former Miss Argentina, where she revealed how Balvin responded to her pregnancy. “He froze. He was happy, but it was like a call from Zoom that does not work when the WiFi crashes. He stayed frozen,” she said. “I told him in person, but that’s how he reacted.”

She posted the cover photo with Balvin to Instagram, writing, “Se va agrandando la familia,” or “The family is growing.” He responded with a red heart emoji.

She also shared how she found out she was pregnant: “I did the pregnancy test in the bathroom with my dog to not be alone,” she told the publication. “I did three tests in a row because I couldn’t believe it.”

Elsewhere, she talked about how she’s dealing with her pregnancy and her future as a working mother. “As long as I take this as something natural and let it flow, I won’t be thinking about how long I have left or if I’ll gain weight, I’m just going to live this day by day. That’s helped me a lot,” she said.

“I won’t stop doing the most important things, like my career, it’s something I love.” She continued, “I want to do something that I love and that’s my passion, [but that I also] can raise my children and still work.”

Balvin and Ferrer met at the shoot for the singer’s 2017 music video “Sigo Extrañándote,” where the model played the role of Balvin’s wife and mother to his child. After making their red carpet debut in 2018, the two reportedly split in 2019, before rekindling their romance last year.