Eddie Pe$o$, the Calgary artist formerly known as Lyrique, has returned with a dancey new musical direction and a spellbinding new track, “VOO DOO.”

The track sees Pe$o$, the Filipino-Canadian who’d previously garnered attention as an MC, take on a producer role. He lays down spectral synth chords over a skittering, meditative house beat, while rising R&B singer Black Wednesday soulfully laments a lover who’s completely consumed his mind.

The accompanying black and white video, produced by The Abstract Side creative team, captures Pe$o$ and Wednesday separately in various isolated settings as they each attempt to shake feelings of anguish and agitation.

Behind the scenes of Eddie Pe$o$' "VOO DOO" music video.
Image via Frey Gander

“The track is about feelings of losing control, as if under a trance and wanting to break out of the feelings of uneasiness and anxiety,” Pe$o$ tells Complex. “In this song, ‘VOO DOO’ is focusing on multiple emotions—that of being in love yet having no control but having the urge to break free from the lock of the emotion.” 

The song is the latest release from Apartment 8, Pe$o$’ new Calgary-based musical collective. “I have decided to take a more producer songwriter direction with this new project,” he says. “I have always enjoyed sounds of producers such as J.Dilla, Kaytranada, Sango, and Soulection Radio.”

He adds: “I also have a knack for the paranormal and am trying to implement eerie synths over melodic key lines accompanied by a texture of rhythmic drums.”

Check out the video for “VOO DOO” above.